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Metal Bird - Magpie

Metal Bird - Magpie


A delightful discovery about the snappy (if a little formal) dressing Magpie is their ability to perform an impressive number of complex vocalisations in addition to their common warbling. Its hard to know where they sit between the game show host and opera singer end of the spectrum in the bird calling community but either way we're big fans of their output here at Metalbird.

Often described as fairly robust birds, Magpies have been known to commonly grow to 40 cm long. This size, when matched with aerial athleticism and a studious pursuit of the art of dive bombing, makes for quite the wake up call if one finds oneself walking near a Magpie nest during nesting season. 

They're a proud bird that's always keen to stay grounded and when not in flight typically makes use of their long legs and can often be seen casually strolling around, avoiding at all costs any movement that could be misconstrued as hopping or waddling, frankly, its beneath them. They make great friends both to other animals and humans as YouTube will attest!

Our version is made from 3mm Corten steel. It's easily hammered into most wooden structures and will rust to a deep brown.

Size: 29cm x 20cm

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